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One of Acuity’s customers is a large sheet metal fabricator and is using the AP820-1000 blue laser line sensor to control the position of the steel plate in the slitter line. By generating a laser line that is over 30″ long the customer can determine the edge of both sides of the steel plate and control the position of the center line for slitting the plate. By also knowing the both edge positions the width of the steel plate can be calculated very accurately and with 100 laser line profiles a second. The long range AP820-1000 has a large measurement span and uses a blue laser line so we can also measure on hot metals very accurately where red lasers have difficulty. Since the AP820-1000 is providing a profile using 580 points across the target we can also measure the height of thickness of the steel sheet which can be used to verify the steel plate is not too thin or thick for future rolling applications.

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