Measuring Distance To Helicopter Landing Pads

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When pilots are preparing to land a helicopter, they rely on the accurate and high performance of distance sensors. These distance measurement sensors will help pilots gauge the distance to a landing pad for a safe and timely landing. What’s even better is that when helicopter pilots choose to use Acuity’s AR3000 Distance Measurement Sensor for landing pad measurement, pilots can measure 300 meters to natural surfaces with near real time updates to the pilot.

It is not just helicopter pilots who are taking advantage of measuring the distance to the ground. NASA and other developers are also using this technology for research, including homeland security organizations. If you believe that you could benefit from a distance measurement laser to measure the distance to a landing pad or other landing, please contact Acuity Laser today. In addition to distance measurement sensors, Acuity offers short range sensors as well as 2D scanners.

Distance Measurement Sensors For Helicopters

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