AR500 Laser Position Sensor

The AccuRange 500 Laser Position Sensors are fast and accurate measurement devices for integrated industrial measurement systems. Available up to ranges of 1000 mm, all models use a compact enclosure. These sensors are available with optional BLUE laser diodes.


AR500 Laser Position Sensors use triangulation measurement principles to gauge distances to targets with great accuracy and speed. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the unit's size is ideal for builders of compact machines and systems.

Laser position sensor models range from 5 to 1000 mm of measurement range and unlike the AR700 laser displacement sensors which have larger cases for longer ranges, all AR500 sensors share the identical case size.

How does this model differ from the AR200 Information and AR700 triangulation devices? The AR500 is similar in size to the AR200, but has longer ranges, up to 1000 mm. It is fast like the AR700 at 9400 Hz. The AR700 sensors are nearly five times more accurate than the AR500 models, but both can be ordered with configurable laser diodes.

The AR500 Laser Position Sensors are the only Acuity models available with optional blue laser diodes.


The AccuRange 500 laser position sensor uses optical triangulation principles to accurately and quickly measure distances to targets. Available with many different diode options, the AR500 can measure to nearly any kind of target: dark, shiny, bright, opaque, translucent, etc.


A diode within the sensor projects a beam of visible (or optionally, infrared) laser light that creates a spot on a target surface. Reflected light from the surface is viewed from an angle by a digital CMOS line scan camera inside the AR500 sensor. The target’s displacement is computed from the image pixel data. The result is transmitted via serial or analog interfaces to a computer, display, PC or PLC.


With nine different available measurement spans, the AR500 series measures from 5 to 1000 mm of displacement. Unlike the AR700 laser displacement sensors, all of these ranges use the identical, compact case size. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the AR500 rivals the tiniest of triangulation sensors available for industrial applications. The small enclosure means a very "sharp" beam path, permitting measurement down narrow tubes and small windows.


The AR500 comes standard with RED visible laser diodes. The shorter-range models require lower-powers and meet Class 2 laser requirements. The longer-range models are Class 3R and can be optionally ordered with high-power diodes at Class 3B for measuring black surfaces. As an option, all sensors can be ordered with different powers of 405 nm BLUE laser light. These models are idea for measuring to glowing-hot targets, polished metals and glass.



acuity connectivity kit for the ar 500The AR500 laser position sensor comes with an un-terminated bundle of solder tail wires in a shielded cable. As an option, you can add a connectivity interface which provides a terminal block connection to the sensor cable. A second terminal block in the interface box allows user connections as needed.

While this accessory is designed for ALL Acuity sensors, it is important to follow the proper wiring instructions for your particular model. Please contact us today for more information.

A standard 9-pin D-SUB serial cable is provided with the CKit. The interface has a jack to accept the plug from a power supply for 110-240 VAC (US or Euro plugs). The interface box itself is NEMA-4X and has sealed cable glands for feedthrough. A keyswitch interlock version of this connectivity kit is available to satisfy worldwide laser-safety regulations.


AR500 sensors can be ordered in the following combinations:

  • RS232 and 4-20mA

  • RS232 and 0-10V

  • RS485 and 4-20mA

  • RS485 and 0-10V

  • Ethernet and RS232 and 4-20mA


The standard cable is two meters in length. One end has the Binder 712 connector and the other is bare wires. Please contact us for custom cable lengths for volume orders.


In some instances it is desirable to increase the output power from the sensor's diode or use light of a different wavelength. AR500 models are standard with 0.95 mW 660nm or 4.8 mW 650nm RED laser diodes, depending on the measurement span. You may optionally choose a 20mW Visible RED diode or three different powers of 405nm BLUE laser diodes. Special-order units may also have a 905 nm infrared diode at 20mW.


Acuity offers an air-cooled, protective housing for the AR500. illustration of the protective enclosure for the ar500 laserIt is designed to be used in harsher environments with higher ambient temperature or airborne particles. The maximum allowable ambient operating temperature for the sensor in the protective enclosure is 120°C for air pressure of 6 atmospheres. The sensor is factory calibrated directly in the housing with its engineer glass windows. If the sensor is removed from the housing, it’s linearity will be affected adversely.


Keeping the sensor's windows free of dirt, oil and debris issplash guard for the ar500 laser position sensor important to maintaining accurate measurements. Sensors may be installed in a protective enclosure or users may opt to add the Spray Guard to the front of the sensor. This hardware bolts on to the front of the AR500 and creates a "tunnel" for the optical path, preventing indirect splatter from airborne contaminants.


The optionally-installed heater expands the operating temperature to -30°C.

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AR500 Demo and Configuration Software

ar500 software download

The standard AR500 laser position sensors communicate with binary formats and so it is necessary to use our software for simple demonstrations or for configuring the device with settings other than factory defaults.

Follow the instructions in the AR500 Users Manual for using this software for both the RS232 interface and the optional Ethernet interface.

AR500 Demo and Configuration Software - zip 1.24 MB


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