Wind Turbine Blade Displacement

Displacement Measurement For Wind Turbine Blades

Laser rangefinders measure wind displacement from turbine blades

Although sometimes considered beautiful and serene from a distance, wind turbines are tremendous mechanical marvels. The towers stand over 100 meters high and a single blade may be upwards of 40 meters in length. When the turbine blades rotate, the tips of the blades move as fast as 90 m/sec (200 mi/hr). Turbine engineers often want to remotely monitor components on the turbine. The monitoring of blade tip displacement is an important metric and it requires a sensor that allows measurements away from the danger of the moving blades and one fast enough to "see" a fast moving blade tip. Acuity AR2500 and AR4000 rangefinders support frequency responses at 30 KHz or greater and can measure a distance reading every 3 mm for the blade tip moving at 90 m/sec. Displacements of the turbine blade might be as much as several meters in strong winds.

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