Steel Strip Thickness Measurement

Laser Triangulation Sensors Measure Steel Strip Thickness In A Mill

Laser sensors measuring hot steel thickness and the height of lap welds

ar 200 laser sensors height measurementThe metals fabrication business is one of the oldest industries in the world. Large mills are automated, but some smaller mills still rely on hand-held micrometers to gauge metal thickness. AR200 laser measurement sensors are ideal for measuring steel strip thickness to fine resolutions. Steel passes between two opposing non-contact laser sensors. A computer or PLC receives the sensors' output and calculates a resultant material thickness based on a simple mathematical formula that takes into consideration the separation distance of the two sensors. The sensors are synchronized such that they take distance samples at the same time.

The limit switches on the AR200 sensors can be used to detect the location of lap welds where two strips are joined.

The CMOS detector in the AR200 allows the sensor to accurately measure a variety of colors, including dark steel.

In the video below, you can see a very similar setup being used to measure the width of steel strips.

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