Silicon Wafer Fabrication

Laser Triangulation Sensors Measure Silicon Wafers

The AR200 is often used in semiconductor wafer fabrication

The semiconductor industry places stringent demands on the accurange 200 is perfect for measuring silicon waferstheir laser measurement sensors. They must be small, fast, accurate, and have an attractive price. The AR200 meets this industry's demands completely.

Acuity's novel sensor design is well suited to measuring high-reflective silicon wafers. In most cases, there is enough diffuse reflectivity to measure off the polished surface at random angles.

AR200 laser measurement sensors are widely used by U.S. and international fabrication equipment designers to monitor and control the location of silicon wafers throughout the fabrication process.

The AR200 has a robust design and hold up to chemically-intrusive environments in the semiconductor fabrication setting.

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