Rotary Kiln Profile Measurement


The AR2500 is used for profiling rotary kilns for shape and runout

Acuity's laser rangefinders have unique benefits to certain applications that can not be met with other products. Some engineers specify high speed sampling and high accuracy. For these requirements, Acuity offers the AR4000-LIR and the AR2500.

The AR4000 measures to 54 feet (16.5 meters) with 0.1" (2.5 mm) accuracy to speeds of 770 Hz with RS232 output. Using an optional interface card, the distance measuring device can output 200,000 Hz.

Several global equipment providers to the cement and minerals industries demand the AR4000 or the AR2500 for a very special application. They affix the AccuRange distance laser meters to a tripod and aim it at a rotary kiln. As the large tube turns, they capture its profile to a computer. Back at the office, they re-create the shape of the kiln and diagnose runout and potential shape bulging problems.

Because of the dark colors of the exterior shell, the fast rotational speed, outdoor lighting conditions and long data transmission distances, the best solution was the Acuity AR4000 laser rangefinder with a 20 mW infrared laser diode and an optical bandpass filter.

In a similar application, engineers measure the position and vibration of steel connecting collars on clinker kilns.

For more information about this application or potentially-similar applications, please contact Acuity.

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