Metal Sheet Thickness

Metal sheet thickness measurement with non-contact lasers

  • Quality Control – Micron accuracy to ensure high quality products

  • Safe Measurements – Keep measuring equipment away from contact to avoid hazards.

  • Eliminate human error – Precise measurements to ensure thickness limits

Precise Thickness Measurement

  • Micron accuracy, high repeatability, high resolution
  • Long distance ranges up to 50 inches
  • Ensure your material thickness is within your limits to provide high quality products

Perfectly Synced For Accuracy

Accurate thickness measurement regardless of outside influences such as material vibration in order to run at the low end of your tolerance. Save money on material with our thickness lasers.

Touch Panel Accessory

View your metal sheet thickness measurements in real time. Have the ability to change the units in order to analyze the correct data of your processes. Begin to minimize products that end up being too thick or too thin.

Metal Thickness Measurement Package

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