Chemical / Polymer Manufacturing

Laser Measurement And Displacement Sensors For The Chemical And Polymer Manufacturing Industry

Polymer manufacturing involves the measurement of soft, sticky and hot viscous materials that cannot be measured using tactile probes. Non-contact displacement sensors are preferred for the dimensional measurement of extruded polymethylmethacrylate, polyethylene films or large buns of foam for pillow or mattresses.

Acuity displacement sensors are selected to measure the thickness of solid sheet plastics by fixing the sensors above and below the sheet. For transparent plastics, engineers may select between laser displacement sensors or white light confocal displacement sensors which have the capacity to accurately measure thickness using a single sensor that simultaneously measures both top and bottom surfaces.

Many formed polymers, such as PMMA, start out in powder form that are combined and melted to form sheets, tubes, rods etc. This ingredient material is stored in a silo and fed into the process. The level of this bulk material can be monitored using Acuity laser rangefinders that may transmit an alarm if the fill level drops below a critical height.

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