Cargo Transport

Laser Sensors For The Cargo Transport Industry

The Cargo Transport Industry is relentless about saving time and space. They demand fast turn-around of their ships while in port and attempt to make the most efficient use of space on their cargo vessels to maximize profits. One way they do this is by automating much of loading and unloading of containers and palletts from ships. Cranes do the heavy lifting and all are operated by skilled workers. Acuity rangefinders are used to measure the location of a trolly on a bridge crane or the height of a payload relative to the crane.

Cargo and transport companies also want to improve accuracy and profitability for moving freight. Irrigular and palletized shipments are vitually impossible to dimension with accuracy using manual means so accurate, automated measurement systems appeal to thise companies. These systems use scanning lasers to automate the process of capturing measurements and calculating dimensional weight without interfering with workflow.

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