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A manufacturer of a clear polymer used to make food wrapping material is using white light confocal probing to measure the thickness of the material as it’s being made. The customer is using the CL5 MG35 white light confocal probe.

The probe has a 12 mm measurement span with a resolution of 400 nanometers and an accuracy of +/- 800 nanometers with a spot size of 14 microns. The unit uses an LED white light bulb and can measure up to 2,000 samples per second with faster options available.

The white light confocal sensor is completely passive and is very stable connected with a fiber optic cable. The technology can measure the front face and the second face of the material on 350 micron and above film. The worst case thickness accuracy is twice the single-sided accuracy for the 2 faces, or +/- 1.6 microns. The controller can input the index of refraction for the material to provide accurate measurements.

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