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Promotional Pricing Offer on Chromatic Confocal White Light Systems

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Valid through 12/31/2015

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Acuity White Light Confocal Medical Scans

An Acuity medical customer is using the Initial 4.0 model to create a 3D scan of medical samples to measure the change in the surface features. The Initial 4.0 model uses a CL4 MG35 probe that has a standoff of 16 mm with a 4 mm measurement span and a resolution of 130 nanometers and a linearity of +/- 300 nanometers at up to 2,000 samples per second.

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Acuity’s Line Of Laser Sensors

Schmitt Industries, Inc. has been providing process measurement and control systems for many years. In 1992, Acuity Laser was founded to develop a more specific product line of lasers for the industrial and OEM use. With hundreds of applications for our line of lasers, Acuity is proud to be a United States laser sensor company.

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