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New Acuity Small AP820-80S Compact Laser Line Sensor

Acuity has released a very compact laser line sensor space restricted applications.

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Laser Line Sensors Used To Measure Thickness From 2 Sides

An Acuity customer is using a dual opposed AP820 laser line configuration to be able to measure the thickness of a dark plastic sheet material. The uneven surface profile is used to calculate the overall thickness and make sure the material maintains a minimum thickness requirement.

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Laser Scanning A Pipe for Diameter

Many manufacturing companies require an online method to measure their products as they are being made to a high tolerance. The manufacturing of pipe is an example of where a company can provide a superior product and automatically control the surface dimensions of their product to meet their specifications.

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Measuring Distance To Helicopter Landing Pads

When pilots are preparing to land a helicopter, they rely on the accurate and high performance of distance sensors. These distance measurement sensors will help pilots gauge the distance to a landing pad for a safe and timely landing.

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