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787 Wing Flexure Tests

On March 28, loads were applied to the test unit to replicate 150 percent of the most extreme forces the airplane is ever expected to experience while in service. The wings were flexed upward by approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) during the test and the fuselage was pressurized to 150 percent of its maximum normal operating condition.

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Measuring Distance To Helicopter Landing Pads

When pilots are preparing to land a helicopter, they rely on the accurate and high performance of distance sensors. These distance measurement sensors will help pilots gauge the distance to a landing pad for a safe and timely landing.

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Zip Line Photographs with Laser Technology

Vacation destinations around the world are taking advantage of an increasing trend in zip line tours. Zip lines offer a new perspective of the area from a view above, or within the tree line. But not only are vacationers asking for a zip line tour but also a picture to prove it. That is why companies that offer zip line tours can benefit from the installation of a high speed camera system to capture their ride.

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High Speed Train Pantograph Inspection

In order to prevent any problems with the pantograph and to enhance the operation of the train system, the use of a laser distance sensor is ideal for pantograph inspections. Acuity’s ultra-compact laser rangefinders can be used to register the distance at very high speeds to the top of the train and the pantograph. This information helps proper focus and triggering of high speed cameras.

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