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3D Laser Texture Scanner

One of Acuity's customers, Ames Engineering has developed a 2D and 3D laser texture scanner using the Acuity AR200 laser triangulation sensor inside their portable and GPS enabled Texture Scanner.

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3D Laser Scan of Key

Demonstrating the capabilities of the new AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner at the recent Quality Expo (Chicago), operators scanned an individual car key to produce an elevation map.  The AP820 laser scanner emits a laser line onto a surface or object. The image of this line is viewed by a high-accuracy CCD array.  Height positions are calculated across this line and transmitted over an Ethernet line to a PC computer.

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Laser-based alignment system

The National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University uses a laser sensor in a system to measure the alignment of detectors.  A full presentation of the project can be accessed from their website.

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