Vegetation Canopy Height Measuring with a Laser Rangefinder

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A faculty member of the Agricultural Sciences Department at Aarhus University (Germany) uses a laser rangefinder in the Mobilas mobile canopy sensor. Precision agriculture requires reliable technology to acquire accurate information on crop conditions. Based on this information, the amount of fertilizers and pesticides for the site-specific crop management can be optimized.  Farmers turn to university research departments to assist in developing technology to help acquire this data.

Farming tractor with laser rangefinder from Acuity

Laser range measurements are made at a 50 degree off perpendicular angle. From 1024 range measurements canopy height and leaf area index (LAI) are calculated.  The customer chose the AR4000 laser rangefinders from Acuity because of their high sampling rates and their ability to accurately measure in sunlit conditions.  The AR4000 samples up to 50 KHz using an external high speed interface card that resides in a PC computer in the cab of the tractor.

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