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Oil and gas industry: Are you using lasers?


In the Oil and Gas Industry, various types of positioning equipment such as offshore cranes and hydraulic lifting equipment are vital tools from refinement to distribution. In order to ensure smooth and efficient production, all equipment is required to have high reliability and precise positioning. Without a non-contact laser measurement system, the challenge of ensuring consistent precision and efficiency is nearly impossible.  Operating without a measurement system can lead to many errors such as crash collisions, extreme human/environmental safety concerns, and costly damaged products


With the help of non-contact laser measurement, the positioning of equipment errors can be dramatically minimized. Laser measurement sensors can be installed on cranes and other equipment in order to prevent collisions and increase production efficiency. Other benefits include higher performance capability, greater safety, precise positioning, and real-time data output.

The Acuity AR 1000 has been used in the oil and gas industry to position cranes and other hydraulic lifting equipment. This laser helps to improve crash avoidance, automated retrieval, and maintain equipment more proactively and efficiently. With the ability to measure in tough conditions at millimeter accuracy, the AR 1000 makes for the perfect tool for environments such as the oil and gas industry.

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