Measuring Rail Gauge Using Laser Scanners

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In order to keep commerce moving, railroad companies as well as shippers, rely on inspections and preventative maintenance to keep trains moving safely. Train rails are regularly inspected for defects and one of the criteria for train rail inspections is rail gauge. In the United States, the standard rail gauge is 56.5 inches and it is important that rails do not get closer than 56 inches or further than 58 inches.railway measurement using laser


Rail gauge is measured 5/8 of an inch under the top of the ball of the rail. For many years, manual measurement tools have been used and trusted but this process can take much longer. Fast and highly accurate inspections can be done with the use of a pair of AP820 scanners. Engineers can inspect miles of rail gauge without even leaving their inspection vehicle. This is a highly valuable tool that can allow for more frequent and precise measurement of rail gauge to ensure the safety of trains.


To learn more about the use of AP820 scanners and measuring rail gauge, please contact Acuity Laser today. Acuity is a product line of Schmitt Industries, Inc. and we develop laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use. Contact us today to learn more about how short range sensors, long range sensors and 2D scanners can help your business.


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