Measure Overhead Structures as Small as 1/4 inch at 65 MPH with Accuracy

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A new product from RSA Network Inc. now allows a height measurement to be obtained for objects as small as 1/4" in diameter at 65 miles per hour.

After years of research and development, it is now possible to measure the height of overhead structures and objects as small as 1/4" inch in diameter at a speed of 65 miles per hour with accuracy of +/-1" inch. This new vehicle mounted laser, the AR2500 laser sensor, is scanning at a rate of 30,000 cycles per second providing the accuracy. 

President of RSA Network Inc., Randy Sorenson stated, "Our work the past 17 years has culminated with a product that performs and provides accuracy at highway speeds at an affordable price. This product provides instant measurements, and no post processing is necessary, which is unheard of in the world of mobile mapping."

The windows based software that has been developed, collects the measurements from the laser, collects the GPS coordinates and stores this information in a database format. The Class 1 laser utilized is FAA approved and also safe around the human eye.

RSA Network Inc. personnel have been involved with the movement of oversize loads for over 30 years and performing Route Surveys has always been a laborious, and in most cases, a very hazardous job. Obtaining the physical measurements of overhead structures is very time consuming, and safety to our personnel while obtaining these measurements is of paramount concern.

Now these measurements can be obtained fast, with accuracy, and utilize a safer platform to do this work from inside a vehicle traveling with the flow of traffic.

To learn more about this product, go to or contact Jeremy Sorenson, Sales Manager, 801-838-8999.

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