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Acuity would like to announce the newly released AQ6-C laser line scanner models. The AQ6-C models are one of the most accurate and longest line scanners in the marketplace. This model typically has over 10 times the amount of pixels compared to our nearest competitor. This large increase in pixel density means the AQ6-C models can use laser lines that are 4 times longer with the same resolution and up to 3 times larger Z depth of field. The greater resolution and longer laser line size means we can cover more area with fewer laser sensors for a reduced cost of large area scans. The AQ6-C models have a CMOS chip that uses the latest GenICam protocols for socket level control of the camera. This protocol allows the user to control the Area of Interest (AOI), Camera Control, Filtering and Correction Algorithms, and Search functions. The sensor also has a Gigabit Ethernet output for high-speed measurements. The AQ6-C models have Z depth of fields as small as 15 mm up to over 800 mm with laser line lengths well over 1 meter. Red and blue laser options are offered with customer OEM lasers built for difficult applications.

The new AQ6-C models have a very High Dynamic Range compared to the older laser models with Multiple Slope Functions and a Multi-Frame Readout Mode. Acuity will offer software support for the new sensor to help your programming function and offer recommendations for high-speed vision professionals that can tackle any project.

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