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Engineers of automobile crash tests use a variety of sensors to record a wealth of vehicle information during the last, split-seconds of the controlled impact. Vehicle deformation, accelerations, temperatures, etc, are collected at high speeds and analyzed to determine avenues for improvement in safety.

The AR500¬†laser position sensors¬†have been used by engineers from a vehicle manufacturer’s test facility to measure the car’s deceleration during the crash event. Several crash test laser sensors are mounted directly on the vehicle to measure the last 1000 mm before impact into the stationary concrete target. The analog signals are monitored and acquired to produce a deceleration curve which is plotted against time. The sensors undergo the full extent of the crash force, up to 80 G’s. Despite this high shock and that Acuity does not specify the laser position sensors to that level, no sensors have ever suffered damage! Based on successful facility testing, MIRA (The Motor Industry Research Association) now recommends the use of AR500 laser sensors for documenting statistics of vehicle crash tests.

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