Acuity’s Line Of Laser Sensors

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Schmitt Industries, Inc. has been providing process measurement and control systems for many years. In 1992, Acuity Laser was founded to develop a more specific product line of lasers for the industrial and OEM use. With hundreds of applications for our line of lasers, Acuity is proud to be a United States laser sensor company.

Our line of lasers is vast, including:

Measurement sensors

Displacement Sensors – microns to meters

Confocal Sensors – nanometer accuracy

High Speed Long Range Laser Sensors

2D Laser Line Sensors

White Light Confocal Line Sensors

And more!


No matter what the industry, Acuity has a laser sensor that will help create a more smooth and precise process. Here are a few of the industries that we currently manufacture lasers for:

Lasers For Manufacturing Facilities


Government Research



Farming and Agriculture

Cargo Transport


Steel Production



Automation/Vision Inspection


With the vast opportunities that lasers can provide a business or industry, Acuity Laser has models of short range sensors and long range sensors to get the job done. If you feel that adding laser technology could help streamline your business, please contact us today. With many applications available, we are ready to provide your business the latest in laser technology.



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