Acuity’s Laser Distance Meters For Hot Surfaces And Bright Lights

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For distance measurements on hot surfaces or in bright lighting conditions, the Acuity AR2000 series is superior to the previous “Time-of-Flight” lasers. Acuity’s sensors are optimized to be easily integrated into industrial automation systems and measurement systems which allows them to be used in many outdoor and difficult applications. A few of the benefits of the AR2000 serious include:

High accuracy of 1mm and measurement frequency up to 100 Hz

Broad range of measurement with a range of 550 yards up to 500 meters

Ability to measure in bright lights including outdoor measurements

Distance measurement on hot surfaces like hot steel

Standard RS232, RS422, and analog interfaces for easy integration into industrial systems

Convenient data display with an OLED display and touch keys

The best applications for the AR2000 series from Acuity Laser include environments with high light levels or hot surfaces and requiring high accuracy at speeds up to 100 Hz. Acuity recommends the following applications:

Steel working industry

Rolling mills


Handling and conveying systems

Process control

And more!

To learn more about the AR2000 series of lasers and it’s applications, please contact us today at Acuity Laser.

Applications For The AR2000 Series

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