Acuity’s 2D Laser Scanners For Non-Contact Laser Scanning

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Our line of 2D Laser Line Scanners are ideal for industrial parts scanning. We work with companies across the globe to provide the latest in laser technology. When it comes to the use of our 2D scanners, the AccuProfile™ 820 Laser Scanner is a high-accuracy sensor that combines the technology of machine vision and displacement measurement. Some of the common applications for 2D scanners from Acuity include, but are not limited to:

Verification of heights and widths

Radius of curvature

Gap width

Surface separation

Part length

Hole diameters

2D and 3D measurements

If your business is looking to upgrade existing lasers or if you are new to laser technology and wish to advance your manufacturing processes, please contact us today. Not only do we provide 2D scanners for the industrial and OEM use but we also offer advance laser technologies with both short and long range sensors. Contact Acuity to learn more about how we can help streamline your business.

Lasers To Verify Heights And Widths

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