Acuity AR1000 Touch Panel Display in fractions

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Acuity has had many customers request that the AR1000 long range laser sensor be able to provide a color Touch Panel Display that can output the measurement format in English unit fractions. Acuity is pleased to announce that with the release of the new 7" industrial Panel PC we are capable of providing custom formatting and firmware upgrades. As the photo shows the measurement value will be helpful for many industrial employees to be able to evaluate the length measurements in fractional terms of their industries. The new Industrial Panel PC also allows for Acuity to offer Solid State Hard Drives, Larger monitors, and I/O options. For more information please contact you Manufacturer's Rep, Distributor, or Acuity Sales support for more information. For more information please contact Acuity at 503-227-7908.ar1000 touch display

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