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Recently a customer has asked Acuity for help in being able to measure the volume of different packages sizes coming down a conveyor line. We worked with one of our machine integrators and provided a large laser line – the AP820-1000 model. This laser line sensor uses a blue laser line that can measure on many difficult target surfaces including shiny targets. The AP820-1000 model has a Z depth of field of almost 40″ with a laser line that starts at about 20″ in length and is over 31″ at the far end of the measurement span. This large laser line was able to cover the 20″ conveyor width so we can measure the volume with a stationary sensor. The Y axis was provided by an encoder on the conveyor and provided a 3D cloud of points that can be used to calculate the volume very accurately for this customer. The AP820-1000 was able to provide a linearity of +/- 0.025″using 580 points per profile and 100 profiles a second. The customer has a high speed conveyor and the sensor provided a profile scan every 0.25″ on the moving parts.

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