Accuracy In Welding With 2D Scanners

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The process of welding requires extreme caution and extreme accuracy. When dealing with high temperatures and melting of metals, there is little room for error. Many manufacturers have chosen to use the AP820 laser line sensor to inspect the welding process. The scanner gets placed near the welding torch so that any flaws along the way can be immediately corrected. In addition to the laser scanner, an encoder position is mated with the 2D scanner for 3D profile data. A few of the things that the 2D laser scanner is checking for include:

  • Width

  • Seam shape

  • Volume

  • Seam errors

If you are interested in learning more about measuring weld seam gaps with laser scanners, or learning about more applications for Acuity’s 2D scanners, long range sensors or short range sensors, contact Acuity Laser today! Specializing in the development of laser technology for industrial and OEM use.

Welding With 2D Laser Scanner

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