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Bow and Warp Measurement of Silicon Wafers Using Confocal Sensors

Silicon wafers are the base materials for integrated circuits, the building blocks of microelectronics used in many computers, cell phones and other devices. And while used for a variety of common items, making and measuring silicon wafers is a complicated and exacting process. In the production of silicon wafers, manufacturers are particularly concerned with bow, warp and overall flatness of the substrates.

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Brake Line Tip Inspection

Engineers use a precision scanning confocal displacement sensor to inspect the surface of a steel brake line tip for scratches and defects.  They use a new white-light distance sensor from Acuity.  The measurement pen aims down to the sample that is moved on a linear XY stage.  The scanning station includes a turret of several confocal measurement pens, but users can order single-channel systems. 

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