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Measure Overhead Structures as Small as 1/4 inch at 65 MPH with Accuracy

A new product from RSA Network Inc. now allows a height measurement to be obtained for objects as small as 1/4" in diameter at 65 miles per hour.

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Hydroelectric Facilities Use Laser Rangefinders To Measure Dam Heights

An important structure to help retain water in many areas throughout the world are dams. These barriers that impound water or underground streams have a simple purpose however, the structural design and architecture associated with dams are far more complex. It requires careful calculation to ensure that a dam is going to serve its function safely and efficiently. Whether it is to retain water, help generate electricity, or collect water for storage, laser rangefinders are often used to measure dam heights.

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Laser Measurement Sensors To Reduce Amusement Park Lines

Amusement parks across the world see millions of visitors each year. With packed crowds and long lines for the best rides, many theme park management teams are looking for ways to help keep the lines moving and reduce the long wait times. Laser measurement sensors are used in many amusement parks to help monitor the frequently used attractions and help move theme park visitors to less busy attractions.

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High Speed Train Pantograph Inspection

In order to prevent any problems with the pantograph and to enhance the operation of the train system, the use of a laser distance sensor is ideal for pantograph inspections. Acuity’s ultra-compact laser rangefinders can be used to register the distance at very high speeds to the top of the train and the pantograph. This information helps proper focus and triggering of high speed cameras.

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