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Acuity AR1000 Touch Panel Display in fractions

Acuity has had many customers request that the AR1000 long range laser sensor be able to provide a color Touch Panel Display that can output the measurement format in English unit fractions.

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787 Wing Flexure Tests

On March 28, loads were applied to the test unit to replicate 150 percent of the most extreme forces the airplane is ever expected to experience while in service. The wings were flexed upward by approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) during the test and the fuselage was pressurized to 150 percent of its maximum normal operating condition.

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Laser Measurement Sensors To Reduce Amusement Park Lines

Amusement parks across the world see millions of visitors each year. With packed crowds and long lines for the best rides, many theme park management teams are looking for ways to help keep the lines moving and reduce the long wait times. Laser measurement sensors are used in many amusement parks to help monitor the frequently used attractions and help move theme park visitors to less busy attractions.

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Drill Depth Measurement

Laser-based depth measuring for drill rigs

A global manufacturer of self-contained drill rigs uses the AccuRange 1000 laser distance sensor to automatically gage the depth of drilled holes.  Their drill rigs are equipped with powerful down-the-hole hammers for high-capacity rock drilling in quarries, opencast mines and construction projects.  The operator, sitting in a climate-controlled cabin, can know the exact hole depth on a digital console display.

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